Nantong Acetic Acid Chemical Co., Ltd.
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                Pharmaceutical and Pesticide ...
                Dye and Pigment Intermediates
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Sales Manager:Gord Chu
E-mail:[email protected]
ADD: No.968 Jiangshan Road Nantong
Economic and Technological
Development Zone, Jiangsu, China

■Quality Certification
  ●The company has been approved by ISO9001 Quality Management System/ISO14000 Environment Management System/GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System/ISO22000 Food Safety Management System
  ●Sorbic acid, potassium sorbate have been approved by BRC/FAMI-QS

■Quality Policy
  ● to promote scientific and technological innovation, and strive for Quality Leadership
  ● to exceed customers’ expectations, and pursue the continuous improvement.

■Environmental Policy
  ●strictly to abide environment regulations, and to create a green enterprise;
  ●strengthen environmental system management, comprehensively improving the environmental-protection quality;
  ●continue to develope clean production ,save energy and prevent pollution.  

■ Security Policy
  ● Safety first, precaution crucial
  ● Renovate hidden danger, continuous improvement
  ● promote the environmental standard and protect our health;
  ● "4-all" management, and safe development.

■Brand Building
  ● Jiangsu Provincial Famous-brand product
  ● Jiangsu Provincial Famous Trademark
  ● Nantong city Famous Trademark 

■Ability of Technology
  ● National major high-tech enterprise of torch-program
  ● The 3rd batch of technological & innovative enterprise of Jiangsu province
  ● Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technical Center
  ● Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Workstation for Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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